Come to Our Ford Service Center for All Your Parts and Maintenance Needs

Getting regular oil changes and OEM auto parts for your Ford car, truck or SUV is an important part of routine maintenance. Regular maintenance is essential to the performance and longevity of your Ford vehicle. You can schedule an oil change appointment online or visit our Ford service center if you live in the Elba, AL area. Routine maintenance services are also essential to keep your Ford running smoothly and safely. Here are some of the services you can expect from our Ford service center.

Expert Maintenance and Service to Make Your Vehicle Last a Long Time

Oil changes. Tire rotations. Brake inspections. The list of services your Ford vehicle needs overs its lifetime is lengthy, and the service center at Jim Cook Ford is there to help you get them all done, every step of the way. Prevent larger maintenance issues from popping up in the future, and keep your vehicle running great in the present, with assistance and service from the Ford certified and trained technicians in our professional, in-house service center.

Convenient, Easy to Use, and Courteous

Not only can you expect expert care and attention when you visit our Elba AL service center, you can also expect a service transaction and process that's easy, efficient, and exceptionally customer-service orientated. We go out of our way to give our customers exactly what they need, including an online service scheduling tool that allows you to pick the day and time to bring your vehicle in. Schedule your appointment soon and see firsthand how much easier it is to check vehicle maintenance off your to-do list with Jim Cook Ford.

Oil Changes

Regular maintenance is a necessary part of owning a Ford. To ensure your Ford performs at optimum levels, you should have a routine oil change about every six months or 7,500 miles. By getting regular oil changes, you can keep your engine components in excellent condition and enable your Ford model to run like new around Enterprise.

Our Ford service technicians have the necessary tools and training to get the best possible performance from your Ford. An oil change at our service center will help your Ford be more fuel-efficient to help you save money on gas. Plus, they use high-quality oil and filters to prolong the life of your engine. So, you can trust our technicians to perform an oil change on your Ford to keep it in great shape.

Brake Service

Brake inspections and repairs are a part of our regular maintenance services on your Ford vehicle. Healthy brakes are essential for safe driving. It is a complex system with many parts, and every component needs to be in working order. Following the recommended maintenance schedule will keep your brakes in good shape. General brake service intervals include:

  • Brake pads every 25,000 to 65,000 miles
  • Brake rotors every 40,000 to 70,000 miles
  • Brake fluid every 20,000 to 50,000 miles

If necessary, we can upgrade or replace brake parts. This will improve the longevity of your braking system and ensure your safety as you drive through Andalusia.

Tire Inspections

Everyone knows that your tires are essential for driving safely. The tires on your Ford must have enough tread depth to give you the traction you need to stay in control while driving. The technicians at our Ford service department can inspect your tires to ensure you have the tread depth that you need for adequate traction. They will also check for any cracks or bulges that can cause a tire blowout that can cause significant damage to the wheel and brakes.

Our technicians can help keep your tires in good shape by also performing a wheel alignment. This service adjusts your Ford's suspension and steering system to ensure the tires remain in even contact with the road. They can also perform a tire rotation. This service ensures that the tires will wear down evenly, enhancing their longevity.

Battery Inspections

Routine maintenance can also include inspecting the battery. The battery is an essential part of the function of the engine. The battery is responsible for charging the engine to get it started and holding the charge to ensure it remains operational. Our technicians will inspect the battery case, brackets, terminals and cables for damage or corrosion. They can also check for any signs of battery failure, such as dim lights or clicking noises.

Parts Center

Replacing important vehicle parts with OEM components is important to keep your Ford running at its best. At Jim Cook Ford, we have many of the most commonly needed auto parts, oils and fluids so that you can easily keep your Ford in excellent condition. You can visit our Ford dealership to pick up the parts you need or order them through our secure online form. Make sure to take advantage of any parts or service specials we have!

Feel free to schedule an appointment at Jim Cook Ford when you need any maintenance for your Ford vehicle! We want to help you keep it running well in Elba, AL for a long time to come.


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